What is the difference between a web app and a website?

There is no doubt that the website has its own importance in the business world. However, there are a number of custom web development services that have come up with the concept of the web application.

This has confused many non-technical people on what is the basic difference between the two. How one can differentiate among two and get over with it easily or which one is more effective than another.

The confusion is enhanced when people believe that semantics and perspective sound awfully similar. The fact is that they do sound together and their purpose is similar (not the same) as well. So, let’s understand the overall concept of web application and website.

Difference between Website and Web Application

On the user side, there is no much difference between the both of them since they don’t care much about the difference. The audience simply copies up the URL and then visit the website to know the work. However, when it is about technical or custom software development company term, there is a wide difference between web application and website. So, let us understand the brief about the whole prospect.

Web Applications

The main aspect of the web application is the user interaction that makes it easy for customers. Web applications are the one that works on providing information to the audience and come up with the most accurate data. On the other hand, manipulation has a good hold on application aspect that makes them hire an app developer to achieve the best. In simple words, the manipulated data and different data can be offered to web applications.

Few examples of web applications are an online store, e-commerce, banking services, local library, etc. It allows on to work on the local events or day-to-day life events. However, it will require users to get registered, give out essential information, payment, details (if required), etc. The overall concept is to make users life easy.


The nature of the website is that it is the information platform that gives data about product and services. There are so many things that can fall into this category such as new and blog-based platforms. Many companies hire web developer due to their good experience.

But the fact is that companies understand the requirement of the website. The users can access so much from websites such as recipes, news, blogs, etc. On the general level, it doesn’t have much to do with the interaction level and depends on the informative line only.

Apart from this, there are custom web development services that add on the services of the newsletter with the emails on a monthly basis. Or even working on a search work that makes the overall work easy for developers. The essential pages that are added to a website contact page, home page, about us, description of products, and even contact information as well. This makes it easy for them to work upon.

Combination of Application and Website

There are many companies that might work on the combination process. The fact is that web application and website are anything but cut and dried process. One of the major platforms to prove it is WordPress. The information is offered to the audience when it comes to the native state. If we think about the basic website definition then the information part will show a concept of the website.

But the custom software development company explained that when it comes to the backend, one can easily make is extensible and customizable as per the content management system. Now comes the most confusing question of WordPress. Is it a web application or a website?

The fact is that it can be considered as both. It can be a web application as well as a website that comes as a hybrid. As a matter of fact, a website can be complete information but once the overall registration and login process is completed then it can work as the integrated platform. A user will get rights to access the application that makes them work on different functions.

Understanding the basic concept

  1. Interaction

a. Website

It is based on the text and visual content that provide information. It is mainly about clicking buttons to get information and get an electronic response in return as online chat, document, etc.

b. Web Application

It has enhanced the form of user interaction since it works as per the input of the user. In addition to this, social media is connected with the application easily that increases its visibility. The content is generated as per user preference and history.

2. Integration

a. Website and Web Application

They are integrated into the system with the help of different systems such as ERP and CRM. Web application usually prefers integration due to complex functionalities. The integration is done in an easy manner due to the overall access of data.

3. Authentication

a. Website

Not much of authentication is required since the website is considered as the 24x7 marketing tool. Hence, anyone can easily check on the products and services.

b. Web Application

It requires user authentication to ensure that no data theft proceeds. There are much broader options with an application that makes companies hire an app developer to work on it more,


There is no doubt that companies hire web developer and application developer due to its increased popularity. But the major goal of both is to increase business and take the business to a step above than others.

The investments are only valuable when the business gets the reach to the prospective customers which in turn result in the revenue generation. Overall, if you want to share information, then create a website and if you need to interact with the customers through the app, the web application is the right solution.

Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking Web and Mobile App Development Company