What Features any Inventory Management System Should have

If you have a clear idea about how to track stuff, you can easily save a lot of money and efforts. By tracking your products you will have a distinct idea about your future sales and also how much more requirement of these products can you get.

Tracking the inventory with the help of manual excel sheets are very difficult and mistakes can easily happen, whereas the inventory management system will make your life comparatively easier. Therefore a good amount of preparation can be taken well beforehand and re-ordering can be done.

The businesses related to e-commerce portal development must note that Inventory management system enables one to track, predict and also reorder easily. It helps to track everything starting from retail to production, to warehousing and shipping and all that which lies in between.

In this way, businesses can make better investments and take constructive decisions. The work of an inventory manager is to focus on every minute part of the demand for the products. However, it must be noted that the small business is only focused on the ordering and the sales in the supply chain. There are different types of inventory system which e-commerce portal development tasks can utilize for staying longer in the market. You just need to judiciously choose the right option which is the best fit for you.

Every inventory management solution is made with a completely different perspective and customised as per the business, therefore there is a wide variation in the scope of inventory management and the cost of running inventory management also varies. There are some top features which any Inventory management system should have and all the e-commerce development company must consider it:

1: Control of the inventory

This is the topmost feature which all the inventory management systems should possess. This provides a much-systematised way of managing and controlling the inventory around all the supply chain. New startup businesses are known to work with spreadsheets where there is a high chance of the formulas to break. Much manual effort is needed to maintain and track the inventory.

Therefore there is much need for a developed method to manage and discard such problems. Therefore e-commerce Development Company should look for inventory management systems which can efficiently track and maintain such growth. They must be tailored to fulfil the growing needs of the market.

2: Tracking of Inventory

one of the ultimate motives of the inventory management systems is to track the inventory where if you hire Magento developer, you can focus better on tracking at all the different levels. Hiring such magento developer to enable you to receive, file orders wherever there is a need for ordering more products. There are a number of inventory tracking features which are available. Some of them include the barcodes, kitting, a good amount of batch control, RFID tags, sterilization and many more. You will be easily able to stay on track with the help of these inventory features.

It must, however, be noted that all inventory management systems do not possess such tracking features. Therefore it is crucial for a custom website development company to pick and choose which best fit their needs.

3: Security and maintaining backups

Security measures should always be taken on the inventory management systems. It is one of the most essential features. Protecting the contained data is a crucial element and it should, therefore, be well preserved from hacking and all other kinds of theft. Your business can be greatly harmed and you might have to pay a huge price for the losses. Therefore inventory system must feature security facilities. Also, features are present which can provide daily back-up facilities. In such cases even if the data is lost you can easily secure them back again. Your business can easily come under the track in no time.

4: Scalability

Growth is an essential requirement for both small and large custom development companies. Growth should never stop for earning continuous profits. The inventory management system must feature the facility for handling a large amount of inventory and also have room for up gradation. Only investments in such a system will be of great benefit in the years to come. It is very costly for one to keep on switching systems. Therefore you should plan for the future and the inventory system must feature scalability.

5: Integration

As your business expands there will be a need to integrate the inventory management systems with all other kinds of software. It plays a critical role. Multiple systems may be needed to manage all your operations. Therefore integrating is an essential feature which cannot be avoided in order to maintain a seamless flow of information. It also has several advantages like the discarding of the data manually and also provides you will real-time updates. Allowance of better visibility will provide much greater fulfillment of customers’ needs.

6: Reporting

This is another critical feature of inventory management systems. It will help you to create a seamless workflow. You can analyze data of both the supply and demand. You will be able to identify the products which profit you and therefore the trends of the market can be discovered. Different types of reports are available and some stand to be more crucial than the others.

7: Automatic replenishment

The custom website development company must check whether the inventory management system can automatically create the order of purchase and reorder your points. After the creation of the order, the item will be approved and then shipped. This is a must-have feature and will help you to eliminate stock-outs and overstocks.


Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking Web and Mobile App Development Company