What Are The Key Advantages Of SaaS Software Development For Outsourcing?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is also called Cloud-based software or on-demand software and even web-based software.

It is now the default deployment mode of all software technology for all businesses, big or small.

It is a method where a software application is delivered as a service over the internet. These applications run on a provider’s server and a SaaS development company has got control over the accessibility, availability, and security of the infrastructure.

The provider also maintains the database and the coding of the software application. The user can access the application with just an internet connection and a browser.

Because of its easy usage, 60% of the total software demand is for Cloud-based applications while less than 10% go for in-house software models.

The concept of SaaS originated in 1961 in a speech by computer scientist McCarthy when he said, “computation would become a public utility”.

The last decade saw the rapid growth of SaaS and its increased acceptance in the industry. In the SaaS technology, the Cloud infrastructure is owned by a software development company but your data ownership remains with you.

This means that you can access your data even after the service provider goes out of business. The vendor or the service provider is liable for all updates and securities and level of uptime making it hassle-free for you.

The Features Of SaaS

The SaaS model allows each user to access services that are both reliable and secure without divulging their own personal data or information. The features that make it so applicable are:

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using SaaS

The demerits of SaaS are few but still quite problematic:

Some Examples Of Successful SaaS Applications

The Benefits Of Outsourcing SaaS Development

The development of SaaS is outsourced to top SaaS development companies because it has several benefits. Let us study some of them:

1. Saves Money And Time

Outsourcing enables you to use a multifunctional skilled team that can design an MVP in a minimum amount of time and budget. They are capable of handling the complete project without any interference from you. A quick prototype reduces the cost and time involved, thus increasing your acceptability in the market.

2. Access To Expert And Specialized Professionals

By outsourcing, you will get access to a wide range of highly skilled software professionals from a global HR pool. They are responsible for the quality of the product. Usually, such outsourced services have a low cost and zero HR expenses. You get a full-stack team with expertise on UX/UI design to cross-platform viability testing, that too at the lowest budget.

3. Faster Up-Gradation And Easier Maintenance

Any software application has a very small lifespan and needs continuous up-gradation to meet the ever-changing market needs. Outsourcing will enable up-gradation and the addition of new features to the application on a regular basis. Hire dedicated developers can help you to be more flexible and scale quickly as per market demand. You even have the option to scale down your team once the project is launched, thus reducing your cost.


This is a trade and tariff agreement between the North American countries to support fair trade practices and more free markets. It allows nearshore outsourcing for the better economic growth of North America by breaking the trade barriers that hamper the export of technology.

Two Areas Of Concern While Outsourcing SaaS Development


Outsourcing has more merits than demerits, so most companies opt for it. Outsourcing usually results in some great SaaS business ideas because of the talent available.

Cost-effectiveness ensures high-quality products while time-saving enables quicker market takeover so now most companies prefer to outsource their work to the best software development company.

But before you finalize on an outsourcing partner you need to analyze the risk, which will save you from future disasters.

Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking Web and Mobile App Development Company