Understanding the Challenges of Magento 2 Mobile Speed Optimization

Magento 2 is a feature-rich and complex e-commerce framework that is used by a Magento development company to implement any sort of online selling experience in their digital platforms.

This technology is empowered by highly efficient features. However, the app store that is backed by Magento 2 can be slow, especially for mobile users for whom network limitation makes it difficult to download heavy files.

Is There A Need To Entertain Magento 2 Development Over Magento?

Building the Magento mobile store as an application is far beyond the reach of developing a cost-effective m-commerce service. The possible reasons supporting this cause are mentioned below-

  1. On average most users access less than ten applications in a day and install almost zero new applications every month. You have to navigate your way to the chances through which your application store can create an exception for them.
  2. The application giants can have limitations but small or mid-sized businesses are highly recommended to optimize the solution for mobile as well as desktop users. It is because mobile browsers have the potential to deliver the same experience as native applications, however, they would require a higher adoption rate at a comparatively lower price.

Magento-Based Speed Optimization Challenges

A number of eCommerce solution providers undermine Magento speed optimization strategies for desktop as well as mobile versions on the app store.

It is because there is no significant difference between mobile and desktop performances.

Any Magento 1 or Magento 2 Store that is optimized for speed will work brilliantly for both platforms.

But you can boost the performance of the desktop version because it has more robust solutions. The major challenges are inclusive of but not limited to-

1. Integrating AMP In The App Store Pages

A common challenge for developers and organizations is that AMP pages only align with static environment involvement like blogs, news, landing pages, digital media, etc.

But in Magento, they can be explored into wider dimensions such as for media-rich websites on articles if you are willing to speed up the optimization.

The AMP tradeoff is worth consideration for mobile and desktop device optimization.

2. Prioritize Light Design For Mobile Users

When it comes to loading speed, the website light version plays a major role.

The online retail Industry is entirely image-focused where the media-dominated ecosystem can negatively impact the overall performance of a website, especially for mobile users.

To maintain a decent speed level it is important to focus on offering a simpler and lighter mobile design to the users.

3. Page Size

Most companies hire Magento developers to manage the page size of websites because a heavy or complex page that is laden with a lot of elements can slow down their speed.

However, it is encouraging for shoppers to prefer the mobile version over the desktop one as strong connectivity is a feature that is not required all the time. You can optimize the speed of a page under this scenario.

4. Mobile Front-End Optimization

In pursuit of managing high-level Magento development services, front-end optimization is a challenging task.

Implementing high speed and responsive templates take additional steps to make it perform better on mobile devices.

Some of the easiest measures that you can take to get rid of this trouble:

  1. Enable page caching through any of the proven methodologies of the Magento full-page cache
  2. Implement the lazy load design patterns in Magento
  3. Make revisions of websites and blogs and eliminate the one that you do not use

5. Minimization Of The Server Response Time

The lesser amount of time it takes for a server or browser to respond to any HTTP request the higher will be the speed of the website.

To minimize the server response time for your website the first thing you can do is to carry out an audit for the Magento extensions.

It is a challenging task but you can use third-party tools or plugins to directly impact the TTFB (Time To First Byte).

You can also ensure a good hosting for a Magento website to ensure high performance because it is closely related to the hosting resources.

Why Is Magento 2 Speed Optimization Required?

In the past few years, the customer expectation for faster and convenient technologies has exponentially increased.

It is because online users today do not have adequate time to wait around for an application or a website to load its features.

Magento is a complicated framework that has been developed to accommodate numerous customers at once.

It translates to the fact that it is not lightweight and its speed optimization is quite challenging.

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Do you want to know why a slow Magento solution is terrible? There are numerous ways to boost Magento website speed and to begin with, users do not like to wait around, and when they start feeling frustrated it is difficult for store owners or organizations to retain their potential visitors and convert them into their frequent customers.

A slow Magento website can also slow down the business owner or admin activities between their stores.

Slow Magento websites can become inconvenient for customers as well as admins.

To understand which part of a website should be optimized to speed up the performance of a website it is important to measure the website in terms of various speed parameters.

Speed optimization for a website is of no use if business owners cannot objectively understand what is causing a website to slow down.

The Bottom Line

The aforementioned are the measures that you can consider for Magento speed optimization for mobile or desktop versions.

These are the basic speed optimization tips that are worth adhering to and there are other techniques that also come handy.

To resolve the performance delaying issue a top custom web development company indulges the best-in-class speed optimization techniques.

You can enhance the app store load time through these measures and resolve the issue of slow speed optimization.

These effective ways are suitable for improving the Magento 2 performance on mobile devices.

Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking Web and Mobile App Development Company