Things To Consider While Hiring React Native Developer

The introduction of react-native in mobile app development is a revolution in the app industry and is great for those potential clients who want their work to be done in a short period of time. To hire react native developer is not that easy as one needs to check the skill sets and experience to hire the perfect one for the company.

React native has become the fastest growing technology for the development of Android and iOS apps. With so many highly developed and still developing companies it becomes a little tedious and time-consuming to decide who can actually fulfill your requirements.

So before jumping into choosing the developer, you need to make sure that they fulfill your requirements.

Requirements for hiring React Native developer

To hire react native developer requires a very keen observance on every little thing of the candidate. If the right candidate is chosen it will certainly help the company from any sort of fuss in the future. The design of simple to use and completely bug-free App requires the perfect hands behind it. It is basically the development unit that has its hard work behind these kinds of developments.

Well before commencing the hiring process one needs to actually identify the requirements of his company like whether you need a react native developer for a web application or a mobile app. This is equally important as it impacts development due to varying skill sets.

For the mobile application development company, a developer that is to be hired is to have some requirements like

● His command must be good over HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

● Must be familiar with the CSS preprocessors like SASS and LESS.

● Must have a working knowledge of JavaScript libraries like jQuery or Backbone. js

● Must be skilled in front -end CSS frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation

● Must have a good experience in React.js development

● Must be having a good experience in Unit Testing with React Testing Tools like Karma or Jest

● Must know how to use JavaScript build tools like Bower, Gulp or Grunt.

Lastly to hire react native developer one must see that does the developer has a mixed skill set of working with both front-end and back-end technologies including the server-side technologies? If the developer has then perhaps it would be great for the company and icing to the cake if that developer is being hired. Also, the developer should have a firm grasp of JavaScript, confident in working with the third party and debugging dependency.

In order to hire an app developer for your mobile application development company you need to choose someone who is

● Scalable and reliable in service

● Who has a good understanding of the business

● Who has served earlier in the same domain

● Who has the ability to provide innovative solutions?

● Who is capable of communicating in a common language.

● Who has the presence of mind related to national, international and global matters?

Before selection, you need to visit and take out more information about them by visiting their profiles and meeting their clients for whom they have worked earlier in order to know the best of the person you would be hiring.

The key benefits of iPhone app development using React native

● Helps in developing apps faster than recompiling.

● Helps in reloading app instantly

● With hot reloading, one can run new code while retaining the application state.

● React native combine smoothly with components written in Objective-C, Java or Swift.

● It is also easy to build part of the app to React Native and part of the app using the native code directly.

● React uses the same fundamental UI building blocks as regular iOS and the various Android apps.

It’s the technology that shapes the market!!

A company with better mobile application development services requires to see the various do’s and don’ts.

To hire a react native developer the company should primarily focus on

● Hiring someone who has relevant knowledge about the various iPhone language, iOS developments, and framework and also about the emerging technologies.

● Hiring a developer who not only codes well but also has good experience in the field of design, testing parts of the app and also the usability.

● Selecting a developer who has great experiences in the field of development and a good portfolio

● Looking for a developer that communicates regularly and has good experience in finding the right revenue streams.

● The developer should be able to write a clean and well-documented Javascript code.

The don’ts are

● Pricing criteria should never me prioritize over anything. This must be used as the last thing to decide on.

● Assessing out all the three extraordinary ROIs, not going only with the easy ROI. In order to receive efficiency one needs to evaluate all the three ROIs-simple ROI, effectivity ROI, and risk Aversion ROI.

● Never believe in selecting offshore developers who lack the required resources and documentation.

● Do not waste time on companies and candidates who have less knowledge about their domain and do not furnish your company with proper documentation.


So overall a company must look about the current climate of technology prevailing and the target audience and how the people actually see and use these apps and accordingly hire the iOS developers for their mobile application development company. Hiring a developer is never an easy task, this article will provide you some ease while hiring a professional and quality developer.