Nowadays mobile app development companies are providing professional mobile app prototyping services

With the increasing depending on people on smartphones, there has been a massive surge in mobile app development. A significant number of aspects are required to be taken into account when it comes down to mobile application development. One of the essential steps in the app development project is the actual conception of the idea, polishing it and finally determining more of its specific aspects.

Also, features and interactions remain to be of the utmost importance whenever a mobile application development company defines the mobile app’s design. Hence, significant time, as well as efforts in designing mock-ups as well as app prototyping, need to be invested.

It is actually quite evident by now that the entire prototyping stage is among the most important ones. It is worth noting about various aspects like how much time it will take to depend on customer’s ideas, and also the app developers as well as the designer’s efficiency along with the complexity of the project. Also, creating a great prototype that sets everything quite clear is certainly the best approach for avoiding long hours of explanations as well as unnecessary changes.

Hence, nowadays, mobile app development companies are providing professional mobile app prototyping services to their clients to avail of the benefits of prototyping.

Good App Prototyping is the Key to Mobile App

Never start working on what should actually come later but rather on having a well-defined sketch of the mobile app before you start to write the first line of code. This is a mantra of most of the Android app development services as Android apps need prototyping to reduce the development work. If you start by developing the programming code before the entire project has been completely validated by the target customer and also by the app professionals, it is quite likely that you will have to refactor as well as redo a lot of sections of the app afterward.

This leads to wasting many working or development hours. When outsourcing services like design or development, it can easily mean the difference between having the entire mobile app ready or even having to hire additional hours to complete its development.

Prototyping is quite important from the point of view of the idea’s conception. Getting a complete idea of the end product with quite a little effort and also seeing what actually works and what doesn’t on the mobile app as a whole is quite an excellent approach. In the case of iPhone app development, an iPhone app prototype achieves the same result for the mobile app development company.

When we discuss prototypes, wireframes or mock-ups, we use these three distinct terms in synonymous fashion even though they are completely different things. We focus on the app prototypes, which are essentially the evolution of wireframes as well as mock-ups that have been implemented previously. Let’s discuss them in detail.


It can be considered as something which is the first step to take. We use a wireframe to define which features need to be present in the mobile app and where will all of them be embedded, without considering design or style. We also add a basic visual explanation of how is the entire interaction going to be.

It is quite important to work on these particular wireframes from the beginning since they are essentially the backbone of the mobile app. However, the notion is to implement them as swiftly as possible and also in a simpler way. Hence, hire app developer who can create a detailed wireframe to give an idea about the app’s features.


The aim of a mock-up is to show the visual part of the project. It actually presents the entire structure of the mobile app’s information, features and content statically. It also represents quite well how is the actual app going to be but also entails a much lower investment than a prototype.


When we begin to implement a prototype, we are getting a bit closer to the entire mobile application development process. At this juncture, we will be actually using a tool in order to bring the wireframe into “life”. The notion behind a prototype is that it will essentially show us how the final interaction of the app is going to be. These are quite useful to test the user-friendliness of the project.

There are a plethora of software tools used by mobile app prototyping services in order to implement wireframes, mock-ups or prototypes, which will actually fasten the work pace.

Critical Points In The Prototyping Stage

Now we have established a foundation on this matter, and there are few critical points which we would like to make an emphasis no matter what option you might end up

choosing for your mobile app proposal.

It is quite crucial to explain the entire actions which must be carried out in every section of app design whenever you are implementing a mock-up. For instance, you need to indicate which particular areas you will be able to interact with. Like, you need to point out what does a particular button link to: GPS functionality of the app, a video, an image etc. You also need to indicate if you need to slide, tap or slide depending on the screen type.

When you actually start defining the entire application development project, it’s better to start by initially determining the menu of the app. And then you need to focus on the information architecture of the app in order to organize all of the content which you wish to include in it. Hire app developer who can define what will be on the app’s menu and whatnot.

Defining from the initial stage of this prototyping stage, what types of services will the application need is crucial. Hence, you will be able to avoid any type of unnecessary changes that might delay one or multiple stages of the project later on.

User-friendliness is among the key points to be seriously taken into account from the very beginning of the app development project by any mobile application development company. In case your app isn’t actually user-friendly, there is no way it’s will achieve success. Users will simply leave the app.

Also, defining which colors you will be utilizing from the very start will essentially make implementing better mock-ups quite an easier task. Or defining at least a particular range of colors for the design of your app. This particular range of colors needs to be always in line with the branding of the company. The same thing applies to create a logo.


Creating a wireframe helps you in defining which features have to be present and where they should be embedded. It also provides a visual explanation of the interaction in the app is going to happen. A mock-up helps in showing the visual part of the app. It can provide the structure of information, features as well as the content of the mobile app statically.

All these help the mobile app development companies to showcase their clients what their apps are going to look like and what features it will have which leads to better customer satisfaction and development of the mobile app as per clients’ requirements. Hence, nowadays, mobile app development companies are offering professional mobile app prototyping services.

Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking Web and Mobile App Development Company