List of benefits if you do mobile app prototyping first though app development companies

Mobile apps are certainly a great undertaking, especially for businesses that are new to the mobile app development world. High prices and higher levels of uncertainty are a completely bad combination for any business. Mobile app development can easily become bloated for inexperienced companies.

The final cost can greatly exceed their original budget, much to the dismay of business owners as well as developers. However, in attempts to cut corners, a mobile application development company can make critical mistakes such as confusing user interfaces, crashes or even inadequate security. All of these issues can lead to higher user abandonment rates.

But these concerns can easily be addressed by creating a prototype before actually developing the actual mobile app. Let’s look into detail about what mobile app prototype is.

Mobile App Prototype

It is essentially an interactive demo that portrays the design, features, functionality and user flow of a given app. It is also referred to as interactive prototypes and even called clickable wireframes/mockups. The prototype is actually created entirely in design, and it lacks the actual programming that is required for a fully functional mobile app. This prototype can easily be tested rigorously and even shown to internal teams of a mobile app development company to create a sophisticated as well as a shared vision of what the actual final product should be.

Also, the prototype is essentially a precursor to the entire mobile app development process and can easily be completed as a smaller and separate contract, with the entire development phase actually contingent on customer satisfaction with the actual results of this prototype phase. Most of the Android app development services develop prototypes to show their clients in order to gain more insights about their requirements and gather their feedback.

Building a mobile app prototype before committing to developing the mobile app comes with a plethora of benefits. Let’s look at a few of the significant ones.

Benefits of Mobile App Prototyping

1. Improved Clarity

It provides clarity regarding the process that you are going to follow to finally build the most important thing before starting mobile app development. In case there is a bit of uncertainty regarding any particular aspect of the mobile app, the end product can certainly be surprising to the stakeholders. Shared understanding of the app’s intended functionality, along with user flow and even feel and look, is quite tough to achieve without any help of visual aid. This is why an app prototype is highly valuable.

By means of building out interactions along with interface as well as visuals in the prototype, all of the stakeholders can easily view as well as interact with the mobile app before spending any money actually to develop it, and it ensures that the overall purpose of the app is certainly the way as intended. In the case of iPhone app development, iPhone app prototype should offer major features of the iPhone to make sure that the resultant app will be able to harness the uniqueness of the iPhone.

2. Better Collaboration

Prototypes allow the app development teams to collaborate as well as iterate efficiently and quickly. Change rounds can easily be turned around way more quickly, since all of the work is actually being done in design, instead of in development. Prototype iterations can easily be rolled out multiple times in a week which means that clients can feel free to easily request multiple rounds of changes until the intended app is perfect.

Continuous conversations between product owners, UX designers and developers make sure that the solution proposed in the app prototype will actually work for all of the parties when the app project reaches the development stage. An app development company should hire app developer who has great communication skills such that he can collaborate with all the involved parties in app development.

3. Low-Cost Factor

Creating a mobile app prototype before actually developing the web or mobile application itself is not going to be cheaper always. When you have an app development team of mobile app prototyping services which is equally talented as well as expensive, then any type of inefficiencies can certainly end up being too costly. Hence, it is quite important to be crystal clear regarding what exactly you are developing and why, before you actually start. There are multiple rounds of iteration and feedback to go through during the entire prototyping phase, and it is actually highly encouraged.

But if a mobile application development company is developing an app and it is actually found that it doesn’t even meet the originally intended specifications and requirements and needs to be built again, then it can be quite expensive. Even if the mobile app prototype has to go through multiple rounds of feedback, the final result will certainly be much cheaper than if you have to actually go through every single unexpected change round in the entire development.

By means of including the prototyping phase, various unknowns and risk are front-loaded, different mistakes can be made, extra change rounds can simply be added, the project can be reset completely, and also the project can still result in a great app which comes in on-budget and on-time.


Mobile app development is quite a tedious task as there are various aspects which makes it prone to major setbacks and issues. In such scenarios, a mobile app development company can certainly lose a huge chunk of time and waste money if the mobile app fails. Hence, to avoid this situation, mobile app prototyping can be a great solution. There are many mobile prototyping services that develop prototypes for their clients.

There are a few scenarios where a prototype isn’t required before the beginning of app development. For instance, stakeholder alignment may be comprehensive, or even the requirements are known completely as well as well-documented. In case the company is lucky, a prototype might simply not add any value proportional to its additional price tag.

However, for the majority of cases, creating an interactive prototype of a mobile app comes with an associated upfront cost which is relatively quite small in comparison to its benefits such as increased clarity, easier acceptance, better collaboration and low-cost factor along with the better final product.

Android app development services, which are on the fence about creating a mobile app or are actually intimidated by the potential risk and process, should hire an app developers who can design a prototype. It is among the best way s to set a company up for a successful mobile app.

Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking Web and Mobile App Development Company