Know the Advantages of Developing with MEAN Stack

There are many in the technology world promising of top-notch service which can cut your workload big time but only a few live up to the expectations. Yes, in today’s world when it comes to developing simple yet effective functionality and code libraries, there are a number of technologies in the list to help you with but it also has its share of pros and cons.

And in such a competitive technology business, only a few make the way which has been able to maintain its standard when it comes application and custom website development.

There have been many names in the picture in recent times when it comes to providing a wide range of digital services right from web application development to internet marketing. But the best in the business has been MEAN Stack which is considered by a number of developers for developing mobile applications and websites as per the customer needs and requirements.

MEAN Stack: Brief Overview

MEAN Stack technology is open-source and free JavaScript framework which is used by developers to build dynamic applications and websites as per the needs of the clients. There are a number of features infused in this technology which can make the experience quite amazing when compared to others.

MEAN stands for MongoDB database, Express JS, Angular JS, and Node js. MongoDB is for database whereas Express JS is taken into consideration as HTTP server framework. For from end JS framework, AngularJS is used for the development purpose and when it comes to Node JS, it is taken into consideration for developing fast and scalable applications.

Advantages You Get With MEAN Stack For Your Development Needs

1. Isomorphic Codes

When it comes to JavaScript, it is exclusively one of the most in-demand languages lately and has a lot of benefits too in its bag. So, when you consider using MEAN stack for your development needs, you can relish the same kind of JavaScrip for your project needs.

Suppose if you have drafted a code for Node and are now thinking about it can be more beneficial in AngularJs, then you can get the coding transferred without any kind of fuss. This shows why the applications developed with the help of the MEAN stack framework are flexible when it comes to coding. A JavaScript specialist can easily get the entire project completed with the use of MEAN stack formula.


Both Node JS and AngularJS have the feature of JSON. In fact, MongoDB will also allow you to get your documents stored in the JSON format because it is a relational database which completely component-based.

MongoDB can easily connect with the notations of JavaScript but it is only taken into consideration by small or mid businesses as large projects bring in MySQL. This is the reason why many are always looking for mean stack development professionals for the specific needs of a website or mobile application.

3. Open Source

The technologies considered in the MEAN Stack framework are free and open source for the development of applications and websites. This exclusively brings down development pricing and also makes the approach better with the use of public repositories and libraries which are available online.

The professional application development experts will share their doubts and queries at the respective portals and exclusively get assistance from other professionals who are connected from all across the world. So, you will find a number of MEAN stack development companies with libraries and repositories being well maintained under the vision of experienced professionals as the developers share their knowledge a lot to that respective resource.

4. Cloud Compatible

If your project requires cloud attributes implementation within the mobile application, the best option to choose here is MongoDB. This means you can always consider choosing MEAN stack to avail complete cloud compatibility.

With the use of this framework, you will have your application well developed, maintained and tested on the cloud. Hence, there is no reason why you should not opt for MEAN stack to avail cloud compatible applications for your business needs.

5. AngularJS

AngularJS is being considered now for a number of projects these days. The reason the developers chose AngularJS is that it allows them to power the front end of the required applications.

This exclusively helps in resolving a number of problems while working upon maintainable, reusable, and even testable client-side JavaScript-powered applications. The use of this language allows the things to be reusable and testable and this signifies the importance of MEAN stack development.


Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking Web and Mobile App Development Company