Know About Top 10 App Development Companies In Dubai

For the modern world that is solely running on the level of technology and the internet, it is essential for developing the proper usage of those technologies. The numbers of gadgets have increased, so has their productivity.

However, the usage of technology to humans is only available in gadgets via apps. The need for the advancement and development of apps has, therefore, always been seen as a great business opportunity for every iphone app development company. Dubai is one of the top locations that give priority to the advancement of apps have built a lot of app development companies in the past years. Given below are the top 10 app development companies that are present in Dubai currently.

1. Code Brew Labs

This is an app development company that specializes in creating innovating app and their development for mobiles. The growth of this company in the last ten years has been exceptional. They have produced more than 300 applications in this period and have helped the mobile app development industry to be more compact. They have also collaborated with a lot of big industrial farms and from all sectors. From food manufacturers to online shopping, from automobiles to app development at the enterprise level, they have impacted a lot with their innovative app development.

2. Hyperlink InfoSystem

If you search with the top mobile app development company, Dubai, you are most likely to see the name of Hyperlink InfoSystem in the list. It is even considered as one of the top mobile app development companies in the world. Though the office of Hyperlink InfoSystem is in Dubai, their actual headquarters is in India. The app development takes place in Dubai though. Known to have created for more than over 2000 apps, they are well known for their knowledge and use of modern and advanced technology.

3. Dev Technosys

This company has its strength in creating customized web development and using the best technologies available that allow them to give their best in their projects, that are related to the development of mobile applications. Dev technosys is a trustworthy name for Android app development company dubai and has a good history of collaborating with various varieties of companies, from starters to enterprise level as well. Apart from mobile app development, they also provide their services in the development of hybrid apps and designing of the web. This company was started as recent as in 2010, but since then it has set a significant landmark for android and iPhone development.

4. Soft lens

From the very starting of this company, they had but one aim. That is to create the best apps and provide the best development with the use of the best technology that is available. It is fair to say that they have well maintained this reputation of them with their clients. Their mobile app development service is also provided at a very reasonable rate. Since they are completely focused on providing the best service, their clients are well satisfied.

5. Dubai Monsters

This company is also considered as a top mobile app development company in Dubai. Apart from providing service in mobile app development, they also provide service in web development, web designing and digital strategies. Their commitment to gathering knowledge and experience to provide the best for their customers is really something worthy of praise. Dubai Monsters have created a lot of advanced mobile applications over the last few years. They have been tagged under one of the best android app development company, Dubai. Customers have given positive feedback about their quality as well.

6. Robosoft technologies

Robosoft is known for highly intuitive digital apps. The company is among the few pioneering digital service providers, who also caters the digital advisory services, UX/UI designs, and engineering services to clients. Leaving its footprints over advanced AI integration in mobile apps, chatbot development, and AR/VR technology are part of the company’s prestigious development services. Founded in 1996, the company ventured into 2008 and has developed more than 1800 mobile apps uptil.

7. FuGenX Technologies

A game development company located in Dubai, FuGenX Technologies is also known as a leading app development company of Dubai. Their quality and detailed knowledge about the development of apps is almost unmatched. They have experts in almost every field related to app developments. Artificial Intelligence (AI), game designing, mobile apps, and custom app developments, they have it all. The experts present at FuGenX Technologies also devise the most effective strategies to help their clients in developing the best quality apps.

8. Nautilus

The services of Nautilus include good quality development of mobile apps, along with customized designing of User Interface according to their clients. Their experts have adequate knowledge and enough experience to provide a recommendation to their clients. Furthermore, a team of people is always ready to interact freely with the clients and support them with advice. Apart from this, they also have the top and latest technologies to help in the mobile app development to the fullest.

9. Royex Technologies

Considered as one of the best mobile app development companies in Dubai, they are well associated with creating the best quality apps for their customers. Their unique way of handling every project and the continuous strive for creating the best of the best applications have helped them lead to their excellence. The customers may find the best performance out of the cost spent in Royex Technologies. They are associated with creating apps so good that they have been considered nothing less than a masterpiece. For this reason, they are considered as one of the rare iPhone app development company present in Dubai. Their app modernization is top notch as well.

10. AppSquadz

With a very simple motto of developing apps so that it can help the advancement of technologies by helping their customers, AppSquadz has become one of the leading app development companies in Dubai. Their mobile app development service is one of the very best, and customers are satisfied with the service charges as well.


Since Dubai is considered as one of the leading technological hub of present as well as future, the business prospect there, regarding the app development industry is huge. There are a lot of potential business investors present in Dubai as well, so if you want to start with the development of applications in Dubai or looking for a trustworthy mobile application development company dubai, we bet the best options to avail the services lies in above list only

Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking Web and Mobile App Development Company