Importance of User Research for Successful Mobile App Development

Research is a very crucial part of app development. In fact, it is the first and foremost step. Proceeding towards the development of any application without detailed research could lead to a major failure of the application, which could further have a very bad impact on the reputation of the brand.

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This is the reason why Research is an important part of some of the best mobile app development companies across the globe. With the upsurge in the number of business enterprises dealing in mobile applications, the number of applications is also notably increasing in the market. But when it comes to successful apps, unfortunately, there are only a very few. Hailo, Everpix, Googlewave are a few examples of applications that failed despite being developed by reputed android app development companies.

Also, with the increasing number of rivals day-by-day, it is utmost important to do something out of the box to survive in the market. For this, understanding the customers’ needs is very essential as customers’ needs are very flexible and highly vary from person to person. But how would one learn about varying customers’ needs? Well, this is where Research comes for rescue.

But, conducting proper research requires expert knowledge and skill in this field. Also, there are various methodologies of conducting research such as experiments, surveys, questionnaires, interviews, case studies and so on. Adopting the correct method in the right situation is very essential keeping in mind the target information. Otherwise, the research process will fail in providing you the required data and would also lead to a loss of time and resources.

Big app development companies or other developers including iphone app developers employ a separate team of experts especially for carrying out their research works. The job of app development is already half done when your research is successful.

Hence, it is always recommended to hire app developers to carry out the research work for your app before proceeding for its development, to ensure its success.

Following are a few reasons, which explain the importance of Research for successful mobile app development:

To create relevant designs for the User

A good and relevant design of the application plays a key role in keeping your users engaged and committed. Every mobile app development company has huge potential for the success of the app. In order to determine the appropriate design, it is important to have an understanding of the customers’ lifestyles, habits, likes, and dislikes. If the design could not pertain to their requirements and if the users are not satisfied with the design, the application can fail miserably.

Moreover, there are a number of competitors in the market who are providing very superior designs to their apps. Hence, having a design, which stands out from your rivals is very important. Only through conducting proper research one can collect information about the necessary customer details. Also, it is important to keep updating the design of your app from time-to-time to cope up with the ongoing changes. This is again possible only through proper research. Your design cannot only help you in delivering a great product but also to win over the market over others.

Providing a friendly user interface is very crucial for the success of the app. The android app development company must deliver the app, easy and comfortable for the users to understand, use and operate. Difficulty or complexities in using the apps could force the users to switch to other applications. Everyone prefers his or her experience with applications to be smooth. If the same cannot be delivered to the users, they will definitely move to other better options available in the market.

The proper research enables you to provide complete attention to the users keeping in mind all their requirements. When the users are satisfied with the services from a mobile app development company, they return the favors in terms of publicity and brand loyalty. They recommend their friends to download and use the applications and publicize about their experience. This, in turn, helps in increasing the user base of the apps thus resulting in higher revenue. Higher revenue implies a higher return on investment.

Once the users have good experience with the app, they tend to remain loyal to it even if they encounter minor issues in it. Seldom do they switch over to other applications.

Knowledge about competitors’ products:

Getting an insight into your rivals’ products is a key survival strategy for every business enterprise. Research and development help you in learning and understanding about the competitors’ products. Once their advantages and disadvantages are identified, it will be of great help to the android and iphone app developers to use those insights in building their own products. This way one can avoid putting up those features in the application, which have already failed in the past.


Only with the required research, one can predict future opportunities ahead of time. It will provide a better understanding of the applications, which might have a great scope in the future, or in identifying applications, which might prove essential to meet customers’ needs in the near future. Thus, the android app development company can seize future opportunities much before one’s competitors. This way not only you will be the first in the market to launch a new application but also succeed in capturing a large section of the target audience.

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Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking Web and Mobile App Development Company

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