Explore The Potential Of Top Mobile App Development Tools And Technologies To Develop An App Faster

Developing the next big application for businesses seems to be a daunting task for many people. This is because this process is not only expensive but time-consuming as well. Bringing a mobile application development idea to life needs lots of effort, time, and most importantly direct investment. There is a way through which you can cut the cost of app development to a greater extent and reduce your app development time as well.

With the advent of technology, innumerable technologies and tools have emerged that can speed up your app development process. You can easily leave your contemporaries in dust along with saving time, money, and efforts and in the long run, these tools will also help you limit the app development cycle. Most of these iOS or Android app development tools and techniques will enhance the overall performance of the application and it will also cut the development cycle of the solution.

Let us walk you through the concept:

When you have a great application idea, the trickiest aspect to solve is to wrestle with the platform that you are going to support. If you are restricting a mobile app development company to a single platform only then you are directly limiting the potential visitors of your application. However, developing the application for multi-platform compatibility is not an easy task and it requires developing and maintaining lots of codebases. Cross-platform app development tools will allow you to easily target many mobile platforms with the help of the same codebase. This will help you to eliminate the app development cycle and will save you from translating, recreating, or compiling the same code across multiple platforms. There are multiple cross-platform app development tools available, and the top ones are mentioned below-

● Xamarin

● Flutter SDK

● Native script

2. Focus On Developing A Minimum Viable Product

Instead of waiting for the project to get completed you can streamline or start creating the Minimum Viable Product of the same application. To create an MVP of an application, the core features of the actual application can be integrated into this. This will help you to set frequently releasing titles and deadlines along with keeping up with the app development momentum with a laser-focused approach.

As soon as the first MVP of the application is released you can start working on the feedback to formulate the application release. Many of the app development companies prefer to hire dedicated developers to create MVP for their application.

3. The Agile Mobile App Development Company And Technology

Going Agile will help you to work smarter but not harder as this technique supports quick release cycles of the application along with frequent deliveries. By following the practices of this technology you can receive early feedback from your existing users so that you can correct the application before its actual release.

It will also help you to regulate any errors and save you from wasting lots of time and effort on the features that are not required by users. If you can take a closer look at Agile app development then it will help you to save time.

4. Wireframes — Explore Your Application Development Idea Prior To Writing Its Code

A wireframe refers to a minimum fidelity visual appearance of the user interface of the application. By developing wireframes you can easily experiment with multiple structures, designs, and architecture of the application in a short period and refine the selected concept quickly. This is a highly efficient android or iPhone app development technology that helps companies to easily identify user experience or potential issues before developing the code. With its assistance, the developers can make quick changes to the application without having to invest many days or weeks for working on the same code.

This aspect has also promoted app development companies to hire experienced App developers who can help them fulfill the task. Even if you are working as a part of the development team then using wireframes will offer a common language to the whole team and ensure that all the developers are working on the same page since the beginning of the project. It will prevent any misunderstanding or time-consuming factor to mislead the app Development team.

5. Top Mobile App Development Tools

With the blend of multiple technologies and reliable coding skills, many app development companies are all set to hire dedicated developers to create outstanding solutions as per user requirements. These companies are also using multiple mobile app development tools and technologies to create a top-notch app. Let us walk you through the most preferred mobile app development tools-

XCode- XCode tool refers to the latest approach to designing and developing mobile applications. it contains all the essential features that are required by the developer to easily create an android, Mac, iPad, or iPhone app development solution. It provides a single word for the developers where they can easily design, evaluate, code, or debug the user interfaces.

Framework7- Framework7 tool was initially launched for the iOS platform but at present, it shows support towards the Android platform as well. This tool allows you to develop an application that looks like an Android-based solution but feels exactly like an iOS app. As long as you have a good understanding of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript you can easily understand this tool.

PhoneGap- PhoneGap is another widely implemented Mobile application development in California Technology, especially for cross-platform app development. These open-source frameworks allow developers to create extensive applications through JavaScript, HTML, or CSS. Some of its advanced features are cost-effectiveness, cross-platform compatibility, powerful backend support, etc.


With a diverse set of features, functions, and value addition there are multiple iOS as well as Android app development tools and technologies available for the developers. What is more important is to be able to choose the best technology and tools in order to leverage the maximum potential out of these solutions. Some of these emerging trends are exponentially increasing with a promising future ahead.

Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking Web and Mobile App Development Company