COVID-19: How Technology Is Helping Us In War Against Novel Coronavirus

We all are experiencing something which no one on this planet ever did. This is a global health pandemic. Almost all the counties in the world are affected by one common virus, i.e., COVID-19. There is no vaccination or antidote which is available for this disease. More than 1.15 lakh people have died and the number affected people is more than 20 lakhs.

This is scary, it is even scarier than a war. There is a certainty that the war will end and there are only some countries that get affected by war. The world is in lockdown and people are scared. It is not a far sight where people will get frustrated with all that and break out and that will be dangerous and will make the situation even worse.

This virus is affecting everyone and though without any discrimination. This is the first time the world is fighting together, against a virus. As of now, the virus is clearly winning. It is going around on the internet for a while now and we also think that it is true that technology can help the world win this fight against this deadly virus. There are already some healthcare app development companies that have created great solutions. There are applications which keep everyone updated about the happenings around the world, related to the virus.

How can technology help in fighting with this virus?

1. Creating applications which provide accurate information about the symptoms and precautions

It is important that the world has applications that can provide them with accurate and trustable information. There are such applications but none of them provide accurate records or information. They are either creating panic or making people feel too relaxed, there is no application that can balance this. There is a need that applications from renowned medical companies or research centers to get updated at regular intervals so that people can get actual data. This is the worst time for an application that is posting hoaxes and fake news. There are not many applications that help people to identify the exact symptoms of the corona virus.

There needs to be an application which takes data from trusted sources and updates it on a regular basis. This will help all the countries in the world to create strategies to fight COVID-19.

2. By developing a way to identify people who have symptoms of the virus

There needs to be an application which can help people self identify their symptoms and check if they need to go for a test. These records should directly reach the medical departments of related cities or states and a proper action plan should be created based on that.

The best way to fight this virus is to do as many tests as possible. It will take a lot of time if the governments or health care departments decide to go door to door and identify if someone has symptoms. Having an application which do this job will make the process really fast and will also help in the healthcare sector. These kinds of health care industry solutions are needed to fight this battle efficiently.

3. By making applications which can keep people inside their home

There is a need for applications that can keep people engaged. The applications which are already there in the market will get normal after a time and that is why people will need more applications. It is important that mobile app development companies need to take up the responsibility and develop applications that can entertain and also, provide information to people. This will be beneficial to both the users and the application development companies.

4. Making an on-demand application for the healthcare industry

Coronavirus has tested healthcare industries and it is now out in the open that they need help. They need help from all possible spheres like technology, finance, research departments, and production units. On-demand app development is important, there are many issues that medical staff is facing. Applications for everything are not available and hence, this is the time when developers need to take the stand. They need to create solutions that can help our healthcare sector.

It is vital that companies take up the job of on-demand app development so that the healthcare industry can work easily. They are trying their best but, as the situation is getting worse, they need to automate some things and for that, they need applications.

How AI can play a vital role in the fight

AI is regularly predicting the spread of novel coronavirus to power robots which can assist humans in hospital wards and clinics. Additionally, the COVID 19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19) is using natural language processing which is one of the major applications of artificial intelligence in order to analyze tens of thousands of scientific research papers at a lightning-fast speed.

It proved to be a massive success and received more than 594,000 views with 183 analyses. There are computer models that help in mapping out the infected cells. Coronavirus gets into the cells through “spike proteins”. They are different in shape from that of coronavirus. Understanding the shape of spike protein through artificial intelligence is helping in deducing the process of how to target the virus and develop therapies.

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There are researchers all around the world who are working to create new proteins for the process of neutralization of the virus. Coronavirus first appeared in a seafood and animal market in the city of Wuhan, China. It spread throughout the world at a very fast pace and now, scientists are working hard to find a vaccine. It is expected that only through vaccination or proper medication, this virus can be cured.


Mobile app development is something that has changed so many things during the past few years. Experts think that this time too, our developers will find some great solutions to fight this virus. This is no anti-virus to the virus, but it surely is something that can help doctors and scientists to find a cure quickly.

Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking Web and Mobile App Development Company