Apps for lawyers are new to enterprise mobility. Yet they are already surprisingly complex in functionality and diverse in their types

With almost infinite possibilities of mobile application development have subsequently proved that almost any particular mobile app concept, irrespective of complexity, in theory, can certainly materialize in practice. As official and unofficial app stores are full of different apps, it actually seems quite impossible to think of a particular type of app that doesn’t even exist yet.

Enterprises are constantly looking for innovative enterprise mobility solutions. They keep coming up with different original mobile app ideas while addressing the everyday problems and business requirements they have. Lawyers are one of the demographics which have opted for mobile apps to promote their business, improve their practices and processes.

Management Apps for Lawyers

1. Tracking

In these apps, a special tracking system can easily track billable tome, work progress as well as expenses. It allows lawyers to do the following:

a. Easily create rules for automatic recording of meeting time and research conducted by them

b. Draft progress reports

c. Manually input different work-related expenses

d. Make payment calculations

These possibilities help in the work of the employees and their supervisors.

2. Case Notes

It is a simple but indispensable feature that enables notation for mobile devices. It can also have a scan/snapshot button to easily trigger the camera of a smartphone and allow the lawyer to take a picture of any printed document, even hand-written memos, and much more. Images or text can easily be saved in corresponding case folders that is quite convenient whenever one employee works on a large number of cases at the same time.

3. Calendar

Essentially, an in-app calendar assists lawyers to not just schedule their meetings, partner events, hearings but even allows them to set convenient reminders if needed. Hire chatbot developers to inculcate these features in your law app. Also, such a calendar can easily be synchronized with the planning system of the local court.

Reference apps for Lawyers

Even though legal specialists have to deal with a large volume of information, they need to be completely sure about the factual accuracy. A mobile, as well as offline-enabled access to different information sources, allows the lawyers to double-check any particular legal document or even just a pronunciation of given case-related terms before any court hearing.

Case Registry Search

It is a known fact that information on different past cases assists lawyers in gaining insight, estimate their overall chances with a similar case, or certainly finds a strategy that worked out in the particularly similar situation. Searching such cases is the major issue here. In order to assist in that, a legal app can easily provide smart conditions for case search such that the lawyers could navigate conveniently through a large base of cases and find the cases which they need within few minutes.

Client-oriented apps for Lawyers

Both management, as well as reference apps, are utilized internally for the given purpose of simplifying and optimizing the work performed by the office employees of the law firm. But, there are features that bring lawyers as well as their clients together to better keep track of the case as well as promptly react to different unprecedented situations and scenarios.

1. Consulting

Even though online consulting is common on desktop computers, a mobile app certainly makes it quite flexible. A user interface of the client’s side features a well-designed and convenient menu where any person can find a distinct category of the particular issue they wish to inquire about. Once a category is selected, the client is shown a list of available lawyers who actually focus on that particular problem. After an inquiry is sent, the lawyer gets an instant push notification on their mobile device.

2. Crisis-management

Essentially, crises are quite stressful as they involve the actual presence of different law enforcement officials. In this situation, a person needs to know the best behavior pattern, along with their rights. A legal mobile app is quite a handy tool in this particular situation.

After a client opens a category that describes the crisis, then they will see a list of tips on how they should actually behave. Also, they can easily scroll down to contacts of different lawyers whom they can either call or message and receive an instant response. Chatbot software development helps in enabling this feature.


Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking Web and Mobile App Development Company