Advantages of Cross-Platform Development with React Native

The utility of react-native in Cross-platform application development is well versed with the systems as well as smart devices. This platform enables the business providers to cover a large range of users with some budget-friendly solutions because of its capability to cover Android as well as iOS devices simultaneously. Developed by Facebook, react-native has become an exponentially growing industry at present for the development of cross-platform mobile apps solutions.

If you might be looking to hire Cross-platform app developers for your business requirements but unable to trace any such platform then it is suggested to consider the react-native platform for the same cause in order to meet your business objectives.

Understanding Cross-platform app development

The Cross-platform application development is highly functional for a number of operating systems. The developers in the same segment provide a single code base which can be used multiple times with equal efficiency to create incredible applications. This also meets the diversity of business requirements. The utility of cross-platform in application development presents a simple, competitive yet reliable business solution which can stand out for all the requirements in a budget-friendly solution.

Basically, cross-platform application development refers to a single codebase but it can work on multiple systems simultaneously. There are two different types of application development segments in cross-platform Mobile application development.

1. Native cross-platform app- This application refers to the programs created along with the interference of programmable interfaces that might be provided by Apple or Android. The coding is basically done in multiple languages and requires the intervention of a third party.

2. Hybrid HTML5 cross-platform app- These applications are quite different from the native applications. They do not have adequate visibility to an extent because of the complications related to their performance.

A small introduction of React Native app development

The react-native platform is introduced by Facebook having all the myriad practices along with the tools to offer multiple advantages to the developers. This also supports the cause to Hire react native developers for the business platforms to reduce the debugging of time, as well as keeps a check on other resources.

React native is an incredible example of Mobile application development technology which the developer community has built for themselves. When they were looking for a solution which can be easily associated with the advantages of mobile app development with the power or agility of the native environment. The react native platform is capable of utilizing multiple UI blocks in order to create the applications for Android as well as iOS using a common language which is in JavaScript.

The React Native app Development allows the developers of the same segment to use their code multiple times along with its implementation on mobile screens in real-time next to each other. This framework also provides tools and practices for debugging or application packaging which not only saves time but resources as well.

Benefits of React Native app Development for cross platforms

The react-native framework has various blocks for developing the UI of the applications. Providers of the same segment check for the services and use the framework in order to develop cross-platform applications having the same benefits. The list of advantages has also generated the requirement for the platforms to use this technology to gain access to multiple features. Let us go through the advantages offered by react-native-

1. Cost efficiency

React native framework is used to build cross-platform applications in a cost-effective manner. This is the same reason which supports the prerequisites to hire mobile app developers which helps the business owners to meet their objectives. React-native can significantly reduce the development cost as well as time to build the applications.

2. United team

In order to build the applications with react native, the platform can go with a single team of developers. Hence, they can easily cut off the overheads including the need to hire developers because one team can easily build the applications for the clients.

3. Maximum reach

The cross-platform applications built by the react-native utility are extremely helpful and attractive for the users. Platforms which can understand the requirement to Hire react native developers can easily reach the maximum audience with this framework. Its interface is also user-friendly supporting a smooth transition, ease and a lot of other functions.

4. Code reusability

This is obviously the biggest perk of react-native in Cross-platform developers using this framework do not have to write different quotes for IOS and Android individually rather one code can work simultaneously for both the platforms. The developers can easily write multiple codes and reuse around 85–90 % of them while integrating them with different platforms.

5. Allowing third-party plugins

The cross-platform development is extremely popular in the developer community because the react-native is highly flexible and offers the advantage of developing as well as customizing the application as per the requirements of the companies. The Cross-platform app developers in this segment also support third-party plugins which not only enhance the overall performance but also scale it up.

6. Hot reload feature

This is one of the most incredible and enchanting advantages of react-native in cross-platform development. It allows developers to instantly refresh or reload the application whenever there is any modification in the code. This enables developers to save their valuable time and they can easily attend to the oriented changes.

7. Low maintenance

Cross-platform app development requires less time along with topping maximum quality assurance for multiple platforms. This advantage makes it a highly useful and economical proposition for the business platforms looking to save on maintenance. Deploying the single test program developers can easily check for the errors in a common codebase.


React native platform is suitable for developing cross-platform applications because it comes with a variety of advantages. The significant advantages of this include code reusability, low maintenance, hot reload, etc. From the developer’s perspective, all of this together saves the development time along with speeding up the process. React-native involved in cross-platform is an effective solution which not only provides stability to the application but also boosts its performance.

Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking Web and Mobile App Development Company