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You’ll need to hire PHP developers whether you run a standalone app or a fully-fledged web development company.

With several programming languages available today, it is but natural to feel slightly confused about choosing one and hiring the right resources for your specific business purpose and goal.

Of course, you can’t hand over the responsibility of creating or modifying your app to someone who is not skilled and completely dependable.

If we consider the trends of programming languages that are used by websites, about 80% of the web still runs on apps based on PHP.

So, if there are some…

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Short, readable, and concise classes expressing too much in too little code are what adds to the joy of programming in Python.

The learning curve of Python is smooth and the proposition is highly profitable as Python has a huge collection of tools and libraries.

If you are looking for Python app development, you should learn about the various tools and frameworks also that add to the rapidly growing popularity and power of Python.

These tools make the entire process of Python app development a lot easier, intuitive, and straightforward.

Python can be a great choice for building your business…

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The application industry is growing at an appreciable pace. Day in and day out, new technology innovations are emerging.

Mobile applications for various services are now available in the market, for food delivery, cab booking, salon, grocery shopping, and more.

From texting or calling to core business purposes, applications are ruling it all.

In this article, we walk you through the cost of developing a car-rental application like Zoomcar/Zipcar.

What Is A Car Rental Application?

A car-rental app refers to an application that allows users to pick a car for rent. …

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SaaS stands for ‘software as a service’ in which a SaaS application development company creates an application for the purpose of using it on a daily basis rather than purchasing it.

A person can be saved from the hassle of maintaining and upgrading an application and just use its services via the internet whenever need be.

SaaS is a cost-effective software distribution model that is a more reliable option because of its simple functionality and user accessibility.

SaaS brings out online marketplace solutions in the service industry that have more security and more efficiency than the mainstream options.

2019 proved…

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With the rapid speed at which technological advancement is taking place, one might believe that all the development in the IT sector is spontaneous.

In reality, the story of software development is a step by step process that needs to be dealt with in an efficient and effective manner.

If the planning fails, the result is most likely to be a disaster in waiting.

Many companies hire dedicated developers to make sure that the software product development is unique and appropriate to avoid any mishaps during publishing.

The steps for smooth software product development are evolving every day since technology…

While speaking about recession-proof, or as our article suggests, coronavirus-proof business ideas to invest in, the general advice is to go for businesses that do not need a very high initial investment.

But this piece of advice is useful for those who are planning to start a business with not much experience.

This rule as such helps to reduce losses by controlling the risk. As far as business ideas are concerned, some recession-proof businesses can be those that are necessities as products or services and will thus not be affected by economic situations.

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In this current situation wherein the global…

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In the current era of the internet, it has become crucial that all companies have a website or web portal that advertises their services or products.

Also, it gives its customers a platform to air their grievances or review the products and services.

Moreover, such marketing practices are now the backbone of Ecommerce and other industries.

Considering this, there is much that a web development company can do for a business today.

They can create a good website for you that will boost your sales and customer relations, as well as help you establish a good online presence.

However, if…

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When a company hires an overseas third party or a freelancer to develop a software project it is termed as offshore software development. The project can be the creation of a whole software product or a part of it. Offshore outsourcing is done primarily due to its cost-cutting benefits but there are several other merits and demerits attached to it that need consideration. …

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A lot of companies today choose to outsource their app development projects to a mobile app development company, either locally or internationally. This is because outsourcing is more efficient and time-saving than hiring an in-house app developer is. There are a number of factors that have to be considered when choosing to outsource an app development project. For instance, the experience and expertise of the mobile app company, their prices, and other such factors are necessary to be considered. Further, choosing a good app development company means that the responsibility of developing your app will be taken seriously by them.

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Cameo is an app and a website where you can pay celebrities to do shoutouts for your brands, products, or services.

There is an available directory in the app and on the website where you can find a long list of actors, musicians, comedians, athletes, or reality stars.

It has been active for a few years now but is now getting very popular among content creators.

In this article, you will read a short guide about Cameo and how to develop a similar app.

If you also want to build a cameo-like app then you can contact social media app…


Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking Web and Mobile App Development Company

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