2020 Tips to successfully outsource Custom Web Development projects

Web development has certainly evolved significantly over the years with many full stack development services coming into the picture. Over these years, businesses of different sizes have been utilizing these services for their web development needs.

No matter if you own a small business or medium enterprise, even a start-up o rather a large business with a variety of business processes along with diversified interests, you will find outsourcing of custom web development projects will help you.

Not just that you get a better quality of work at much cheaper rates, but you will be even able to focus on your business’s core issues since you will have much more time on your own hands while the offshore team is developing your custom web development project. However, there are certain tips to successfully and safely outsource your custom web development projects that you should adhere to in order to ensure a smoother transition into such a web development outsourced work.

Tips to Successfully Outsource Custom Web Development Projects.

1. Conducting a Background Check

To start with, you need to determine if the offshore web development company has the requisite expertise and experience of handling projects like yours. Check their portfolio. Also, get in touch with some of their different past clients, and even check their references as well as Google them on the internet to search and find out what people are saying about their services in general.

As it is not feasible to visit the office of an offshore company chosen by you, you should try to communicate through different communication methods like phone, video chat or even Skype in order to understand how exactly they work and get a feel of their entire work culture. You can even interview the web developers online in order to check their knowledge and expertise level and know if they really understand what they are actually expected to deliver before the deal is closed. It is worth noting that communication plays a critical role in outsourcing models. Hence, ensure that your website development company has clear as well as excellent communication channels.

2. Check Documentation

Among the most important tips is the next step, which includes checking if the development company follows documentation processes above the par or not. In order to manage as well as implement projects, especially in case of custom software development, with much more ease, proper as well as quick documentation is quite mandatory. It is hence essential to check if everything is in perfect place before you start the work.

3. Investigate Development Methodology

Completely examining the entire project outline and how your chosen offshore development service provider actually plans to handle it is quite crucial for the eventual success of the project. Make sure you verify the documents and also ensure that they reflect exactly what you require.

Having a clearer picture of the company’s development methodology as well as the project plan by investigating it, will certainly simplify the entire management task of the project development job from a distance. Unless you partner with custom web development services which have skilled developers, a well-developed and streamlined process as well as experience in advance technologies, delivering quality output will certainly be a far cry and a lost cause.

4. Defining Scope of the Project

Project Scope- Ensure that the entire scope of the project is duly well-defined. Generally, it is seen that a poor understanding of the project framework by any of the parties can lead to conflicts, which can easily hamper the progress of the work. Hence it is actually your duty to check if your outsourcing web developer understands your entire business model. Also, a service provider who can easily visualize the much bigger picture of your entire business is certainly a better choice than the one who simply cannot.

Even the former one can easily do value additions to the entire project, which may easily go beyond your current specifications. Hence, encourage your own offshore company in full stack development services to ask queries and seek clarifications, whenever the need arises. Also, make an arrangement to regularly review the work on a timely basis to check if everything is going as per plan and is on track and even bring changes, modifications, or adjustments in the work wherever it is needed.

How to Outsource Custom Web Development Project

1. Planning

Before you even consider utilizing outsourcing services, you have to do some sort of planning. The first stage corresponding to this process is known as Project Planning Exercise. This is actually where you identify the goals as well as objectives along with the timelines for your project. It is quite a vital component in case you wish your project to be quite successful. You should question yourself some of these queries:

a. What kind of website do you wish to have?

b. Are you providing or selling information?

c. What is the exact number of pages do you need?

d. Whether the pages should be static or interactive?

e. What is the delivery time frame?

Your entire project instructions need to be clear as well as precise and shouldn’t leave any doubt in the mind of the outsource development company when it comes to what you need.

Once you have successfully identified what exactly you want, you can simply begin contacting custom web development services that provide outsourcing services to see if they have the required skills that you need. When learning how to successfully outsource custom web development, it is vital to note that a lot of web developers often specialize in a particular kind of website like flash or database websites, e-commerce websites. This is why you have to know what exactly you want.

Make sure that your developer has proven expertise and experience as well as preferably a detailed portfolio which details the past projects. A portfolio is certainly an excellent way to easily check the credentials as well as ensure that the web developer has required skills that match your requirements and needs.

2. Conduct Product Management

Once you have decided which outsourcing company to hire and selected it to begin the work, you have to ensure that the project runs quite smoothly. This particular crucial stage is also known as project management. Also, it is quite imperative to gain a deep understanding of learning how actually to outsource. It certainly involves the management of outsourcing resources in order to make sure that the goals and objects of the project are duly met.

Also, you have identified the aims of the project, but you have to make sure that your chosen web development company for the outsourcing work understands exactly what the entire project actually involves. Clear and good communication is quite essential here. Also, the ability to express your views and yourself in straightforward along with easy to understand language can certainly make a huge difference between the failure and success of the project.

3. Seamless Communication

The most crucial thing at this particularly critical stage of learning about how to outsource is the entire frequency as well as the mode of communication. In case you are outsourcing custom software development, you have to able to see how much actual progress has been made along with the development. A regular and timely conference call will certainly enable you to easily follow the project development and even provide regular feedback. Also, it is always quite possible during this that you will witness things that aren’t required.

You need to be prepared to provide constructive feedback in such a case. Also, explain what the problem exactly is and work out a required solution with the outsourcing company. This is a thing you will perfect as you go along the way, learning about how to successfully outsource custom web development projects.

A vital fact to keep in your mind whenever you are outsourcing web development project is that the finished web product will only be as good as the various instructions you provide. By means of adopting the project planning as well as project management, you will surely end up with the website that you actually envisioned right at the start.

Now, the following points will provide you with a detailed understanding of outsourcing your project to an offshore web development service will be quite beneficial, considering the factors mentioned below:

1. Standardized Development Process- Most of the custom website development companies follow a rather strict process model. The clients are duly assured about the standardized processing and get their entire development work to be completed on-time and the delivery without any sort of complication.

2. Meeting with Your Budget Constraints- You wish to create a quality product that needs design as well as developing expertise which you don’t actually have on your team. Hence, a good offshore web development partner assists you in achieving your product objectives while being within the budget because the cost of skilled labor in the countries where the work is outsourced, like India, is quite less expensive in comparison to the US.

3. Reliability and Accuracy- All of these companies have requisite experience as well as knowledge of web development. Hence the delivered product is not only reliable but also accurate in terms of the outputs which are demanded by the client.

4. Enhancement in Future- As each company wishes to maximize its reach and extend their business, these development companies offer regular maintenance as well as notifications in order to update the product if the need arises.


Websites have become a mainstay of millions of businesses. However, the development of a great web project remains to be a tedious and tough task. In this regard, companies hire custom website development services to meet their demands. However, to meet their budget, receive regular maintenance and updates as well as receive a reliable and accurate product, companies are now outsourcing their custom web development projects.

However, to hire a good outsourcing web development company is quite complicated. The above-mentioned tips will help you in successfully outsource custom web development projects of your business and receive its advantages.

Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking Web and Mobile App Development Company